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Sunny Jain and I met at Oxford University back in 2012. I came to Oxford to read Philosophy, Politics, and Economics and Sunny came to Oxford to read Materials Science (Sunny later did a Masters focusing on Nanotechnology).

Sunny's family went bankrupt in 2013 and he had to find a way to make a living and support himself and his family while studying. So we decided to try several businesses together. We tried leather bags, energy efficient LED street lighting, and even our very own disco club night. Our first four businesses have failed, but it was idea number five that lived. It started very simple - friends and family would approach us to help their children to get into Oxford, Cambridge, and the Ivy Leagues universities such as Stanford, Yale, and Harvard.

Sunny and I did that as sole traders for a few years until we saw that the business was expanding rapidly. We incorporated a limited company in April 2015 and I have been working on Allen & Jain full time ever since. Sunny decided to stay at Oxford for an extra year to complete his Masters degree focusing on thermal conductivity of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube Epoxy Resin Composites.

We learned very quickly that someone who attended a top university is not necessarily able to help others achieve the same, which is why we invested a lot of our time and energy into carefully handpicking our colleagues who joined the team. After all, our business is only as good as our success rates. We are proud to have some truly exceptional colleagues among our ranks.

At the moment, all of our Admissions Advisors are either Oxford or Harvard graduates and we intend to keep it this way. As a result, every single client has direct 24/7 access to the best possible expertise throughout their application process and in the years beyond. We are an Education Concierge and we do not have a high volume of clients. Nor should we. We help a small number of families but each one receives a world-class service.

Three years on and we are a team of nine with most of us based at our global HQ at 1 & 2 Berkeley Square in Mayfair, London.

We also keep busy outside of work. Sunny often travels throughout the UK and the world with talks on education. He is a motivational speaker  who loves working with children. He has also been recently invited to join Harvard University as a Fellow aged just 23. He will be joining them in 2019. You can follow him on Instagram @realSunnyJain. Myself, as a former swimmer for both Oxford and my native Hong Kong, I spend my free time swimming, reading, and tasting wine.

Sunny and I recently signed a 30-year lease for our two new buildings - 1 & 2 Berkeley Square in Mayfair, central London. We have a vision to turn our small business into a well-oiled machine that is the best in the world for getting our clients into their top choice universities across the UK and America. I hope you join us on this journey.



Philosophy, Politics & Economics
St Benet's Hall, Oxford 2012-2015

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